blockchain SUMMER bootcamp

You will need to get in quick! Applications close Monday 18th Dec at 1pm. Selection process complete Friday 22 Dec at 5pm.



BlockchainLabs.NZ is on a mission to empower organisations to create decentralised applications with positive global impact. The team (split between Wellington, Auckland and global contractors) provides education, consulting and development services to a range of clients across the world. Some of our clients include:

  • (mobile client/chat/Dapp browser ICO US$100m)

  • Back to Earth (AR/in-game assets/experiences, ICO US $2m)

  • Mothership (Estonian digital asset exchange ICO US$10m)

  • MobileGo (mobile game app store & eSports ICO US$35m)

  • Ethbits (digital asset exchange ICO US$3m)

  • Sphre (identity platform ICO US$8m)

  • (decentralised exchange ICO US$6m)

  • Latoken (liquid asset token ICO US$20m)

Enspiral Dev Academy is Aotearoa’s premier full-immersion web development bootcamp with 4 years experience rapidly training job ready programmers.



BlockchainLabs.NZ (with support from Enspiral Dev Academy) are offering a six week summer bootcamp running from the 8th January till the 16th of February to up to six participants with the possibility of full-time employment at the end.

During the bootcamp you will learn about blockchain technology and have the opportunity to work on real smart contract audit projects for real ICO’s happening around the world. Our team will provide some support and guidance throughout but we are largely looking for you to learn on your own, work individually and as a group to analyse real code to spot bugs, anomalies, unintended consequences - and report those back. This is your chance to work with an internationally recognised and renown blockchain company at the forefront of this technology with hands-on experience as a developer/auditor.

Since BlockchainLabs.NZ are currently going through exciting expansion, we are looking for passionate individuals who can join our team as smart contract developers or auditors. At the end of the bootcamp we are looking to offer employment to between 1-4 of the participants as full-time auditors/testers or developers for our company.



  • You’re a team player with great communication skills

  • Quick learner

  • Passionate about learning new technologies

  • Developers with a good understanding of Javascript or similar programming language

  • Self-motivated and able to work autonomously

  • An interest in blockchain/cryptography/smart contracts/ethereum/solidity



  • You will get the chance to explore one of the most leading-edge, in-demand software languages/paradigms on the planet right now

  • You will get the opportunity to work with and alongside an experienced smart contract team.

  • You will gain valuable experience propelling you towards becoming smart contract developers and auditors.

  • You will get hands on experience on real projects to identify whether blockchain is a possible career path for you.

  • At the end of the bootcamp, there is the possibility that you will be offered full-time employment with us.



This is an experimental pilot being run by Blockchainlabs.NZ (i.e. it is very different from the Enspiral Dev Academy immersion bootcamps). There will be a much greater autonomy and emphasis on participants self-learning. We will give some guidance (depending on our availability) but it will be limited. This is what we are planning:

  • Prior to Christmas we will give participants a list of resources to study and we’ll have a meeting to discuss how the bootcamp will work.

  • The bootcamp will run between the 8th January to 16th February 2018.

  • You will be based at our Wellington office in the BizDojo (115 Tory Street) throughout the six weeks (we’re assuming normal business hours but  may be able to offer flexibility).

  • We’ll provide you with a nice desk in a great working environment however you will need your own laptop (preferably 8GB RAM minimum and dual-core processor).

  • We will provide some support guidance (we’re thinking along the lines of allocating an hour per day to the group where questions can be asked and direction given).

  • You will be largely working on your own or in pairs to initially learn. We will then point you at real ICO token code where you will have the opportunity to analyse code, spot bugs, anomalies, unintended consequences etc.



The cost of this bootcamp is $400. If you complete the program we will refund the $400. If you leave of your own choice before the end of the program then you won’t be refunded.



  • We will invest our time to get you started and support you during the bootcamp

  • Provide a great physical location within our team at Bizdojo

  • We get to see how you work and what skills you have and whether we think they might be a good match for us going forward



BlockchainLabs.NZ hold the right to terminate your placement on the bootcamp before the end of the six weeks if we feel this is not for you/us. If this is the case your $400 fee will be fully refunded to you.


Email any information you think relevant to For example could be any of the following:

  • Linkedin profile

  • Github

  • CV

  • Covering email explaining why we should pick you.

  • Video of you explaining why we should pick you.

You will need to be quick, we are going to have to do a lightning fast selection process. Applications close Monday 18th Dec at 1pm. Selection process complete Friday 22 Dec at 5pm.